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We help digital businesses enter international markets and generate leads
SoftwareLead is a team of experts with deep experience in online and mobile marketing technologies since 2003.
Online lead generation? That's what we do.
SoftwareLead provides companies with all-inclusive business development solutions for online promotion.
SoftwareLead team expertise
Our experience comes from multiple marketing management and sales management projects for international IT companies. By the way, 2 of our 3 founders are members of ISDEF, the Independent Software Vendors Association.

We have successfully conducted more than 160 marketing campaigns and 25 marketing research projects for 70+ customers (our consolidated 15+ year portfolio consists of more than 400 projects).

80% of our experience relates to online marketing and online sales for international IT companies. We develop online marketing strategies and help educate marketing personnel.

Learn how we got into the headlines of Forbes, ArsTechnica and with ad blocking software, managed projects for robotics laboratory supplies in the academic market in Europe, and entered the enterprise market segment with an online consultancy service.
We help develop global online sales
We redesign your online sales funnel for your website and applications in key regions, and implement revenue-building solutions for both mass and premium online services.

Our experience comes from global marketing management for:
- Agnitum, Outpost Firewall and Antivirus solutions (acquired by Russian search engine Yandex), both B2C and B2B,
- i-Free mobile applications and games
- 5nine Software for virtual infrastructure management and protection
- PROMT translation and vocabulary software,
and more than 15 international IT companies.

We are not limited to the IT and telecom industries. Our marketing and sales development processes are well-suited to companies from other sectors in global markets.
Entering new and highly competitive markets
Starting in 2010, we began supporting the international expansion of more than 30 IT products and services. Now these companies sell to the US, EU, Australia and more than 20 countries from the Asia-Pacific region.

We've conducted business in Russia and the CIS for 1000+ business customers at the positions of:
  • International online payment systems (MyCommerce, a Digital River company) regional director,
  • Experian marketing services regional director,
  • Livetex online chat service marketing director,
  • ...and many more!
We can figure out your most lucrative international market and target it with a laser focus.
We provide you with an effective marketing mix
We adapt to the tasks of our customers:

  • Do you want to sell online? We will help you choose the right platform without hidden fees and with the best support.
  • Have you translated your website into other languages? We will check if the translation is correct, and will provide the proofreading services with native speakers support if needed.
  • Have you translated your website into other languages? We provide proofreading services from highly skilled native speakers to make sure your message is loud and clear.
  • Do you know how to provide technical support to clients in their native language? We will recommend the best services.
Is it worth to going into a highly competitive big markets or is it better to start with fast developing countries?
Result-driven marketing services
SoftwareLead provides a consistent approach to business development in a digital environment. We regularly generate marketing hypotheses for verification, and choose marketing channels and promotion methods that generate maximum profit. We help businesses that have successfully launched on domestic markets in the international arena, and are beginning to cross national borders.
Search engine optimization (SEO)
  1. Automated process of lead generation from search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) by means of website optimization (technical normalization and content marketing), and external link database development.
  2. Qualified leads for your products and services.
  3. Creation of databases of opinion leaders, prospective brand evangelists and potential loyal customers.
  4. Increase in ROI and budget optimization: decrease of costs for online marketing together with increase of sales.
Alexander "Alex" Kariagin, Managing Partner, Director of Americas, 15 years in SEO services.
Software Development Services
We know how to develop enterprise-level applications as well as mobile applications. We were the product managers and product owners for the variety of self-funded businesses:
  1. - B2C mobile gaming apps,
  2. Flexymind - B2C mobile education under 5 years old,
  3. Outpost Antivirus as a Service - ISP-targeted solution, and many others B2B enterprise-targeted solutions.
Timophey Utnasin, Managing Partner, Director of APAC office for SoftwareLead, spent 15+ years in venture industry and successfully provided software development services for 3 own businesses as well as 10+ startups.
Strategy and promotion tactics in selected markets, including PR and ASO
  1. Audit of current international market promotion,
  2. Selection of target regions and localization profile,
  3. Setup of sales funnel conversion rate goals,
  4. KPI-oriented team management,
  5. Effective online PR (public relations) for IT vendors,
  6. Zero-budget AppStore Search Optimization for mobile apps.
Vitaliy "Vit" Yanko, Managing Partner, Director of EMEA, spent 15 years in international marketing campaign management for projects ranging from social networks ( predecessor) to robotics technology (Robotikum).
3 years under the SoftwareLead brand
Starting in 2015, we have completed more than 65 integrated marketing campaigns and multiple consulting and auditing projects. We are proud to be the marketing solutions provider for such companies as:

  1. A global leader in e-learning tools (iSpring),
  2. A database tools vendor (SQL Accessories),
  3. An advanced robotics vendor (Robotikum),
  4. 3D maps and navigation for ski resorts (SkiAR)
  5. Privacy protection & ad blocking (AdGuard).
What will you get?
360-Degree Sales and Marketing Process Audit
  1. Complete sales funnel audit
  2. Thorough audit of websites and promotion activities
  3. Context promotion and advertising strategy and implementation
  4. Comparison with your leading competitors
  5. User experience improvement recommendations
Increased ROI of marketing activities
  1. Boost your business in the digital space
  2. Conquer new sales channels and markets
  3. Optimize your marketing budget
  4. Increase customer retention
  5. Increase your ROI in online marketing
Continue the growth of your online business
  1. Improve your website from a user benefits standpoint
  2. Introduce modern tools into your workflow (live chat, callback services, webcasts, etc)
  3. Ensure a steady flow of targeted visitors from search engines
  4. Generate leads from social networks and new ad channels
  5. Rapidly grow real opportunities in a specific channel
Russia: office 3, Pavlovskaya st., 18, Moscow
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